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Please fill up the following bid request. We calculate the expected sum of your moving according to the given datas.
Filling up the bid request  won't put you under any obligation.
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Welcome to the web page of

Elefántteher Cargo Moving

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Teherautók költözéshez
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Elevator usage?
Elevator usage?
When would you like to move?
Where you want to move?
From where would you like to move?
List of furniture, objects for transportation.
Expected number of boxes?
Other claims?
Wrapping, furniture assembly, transporting overweight objects special transportation?
Would you like to ask a measurement about the moving  in advance?
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Our moving company operates in Budapest since 1994. We undertake citizen-, office- and international movings with free moving boxes, free measuring and consultancy.
If  you are about to move please fill up the bid request to the right or please call the following dispatcher number:

+36 30 274 4339

We are waiting  your call.

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Majority of our co-workers have 10-20 years of moving experiences so we proudly afirm that there is no such moving or transportation task which we didn't meet before -  like a moving with full packing up and unpacking or transporting special objects, highly valuable artifacts. Our 17 years of operation  guarantee the high quality of our movings.  Only a few company has such amount of experience like we do.

Current promotions and offers
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You can call in office hours
    + +36302744339